Kevin Nolan – out for EIGHT weeks?

So the story goes – Apparently the swelling is so bad, they couldn’t even perform a scan on his injured foot


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12 thoughts on “Kevin Nolan – out for EIGHT weeks?

  1. Even though some will think it to be our big opportunity to see how the team does without him (Noble played his best matches with Nolan out of the lineup), this really tells Dembele showed the most disgusting side of his profile and personality on Monday. Only for this criminal and ill intentioned tackle, he should have been sent off. You could tell his intention right from the start of his run at Nolan that he was going to hurt him. Then in second half, Dembele handled the ball while on the floor, intentionally, and kicked the ball far away after pulling Cole to the floor. Yet Diame got a yellow for a push from behind, with no real opportunity for Bale to do much (he was surrounded and was going to lose possession of the ball anyway..). Same for Reid, O’Neil, etc.

    Bur of course, let’s not forget it was the infamous Howard Webb, the same clown so full of himself he thinks he’s so great, yet let the Dutch almost assasinate the Spaniards in the last world cup final without doing anything…

    • Think someone should tell Sam about this new formation 4-4-2. It means playing with 2 strikers therefore doubling ur chances to score!!!!!

      • He’s too arrogant to alter HIS way of playing. He will never change – & at some time will cost him his job. I hope we don’t offer him a new deal in the summer & have our sites set a little higher than the fat sam way of playing. We have been abysmal ALL season in front of goal, most goals coming from set pieces. If he can’t/won’t change then he can fuck off pronto!

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