He’s a bit tasty


So many mistakes in this game it was just silly. What was the one thing we had to do before the game kicked-off? Close down Gareth Bale, what was the one thing we didn’t do? Close down Gareth Bale, What was the one thing Allardyce was banging on about for a whole week? We have to close Gareth Bale down, if we stop him we stop Tottenham.

Bale had so much space he could of had a game of chess in between his chances and goals. I swear his last goal he had time to tell O’Neil where he was going to plant the ball. Also how many free-kicks did we give away around our box!?


Jussi – Was HUGE in this game, in fact probably had his best game for us. If it wasn’t for him we would of lost 2-8!

O’Brien – Not his finest hour, did his best but his best isn’t good enough in the PL.

Reid – Made some crucial stops but couldn’t stop the white tsunami in the end.

Collins – Gave away some free-kicks in naughty areas around our box, he thinks after he tackles.

Demel – Gave away our first goal and wasn’t happy being sent off.

Nolan – Totally missing again, in fact I didn’t even know he went off injured!

Diame – Tried but Spurs had him in their pockets.

O’Neil – Send him back to the Championship where he belongs!

Jarvis – Had a great first half and simply melted away in the second.

J Cole – Great goal and was probably our best player apart from Jussi but there is only so much he can do!

Carroll – Service stopped in the second half. Jarvis disappeared so Carroll was on his own being marked by two defenders.


Taylor – He needs to share a taxi with O’Neil and O’Brien to the Championship!

MadDog – Worst signing of the season! This guy is seriously out of his depth and shouldn’t be played anymore he is a total liability! Whoever recommended him needs shooting.

Collison – No time to make an impact.

Allardyce – His mistakes lost us the game, he didn’t seem to get it through to the team that you have to close Bale down and the whole game he had free range to do what he did best. Allardyce then decided to instruct the squad to sit on a 2-1 lead against an attacking side! We have never sat back and held a lead in our lives especially against a team like theirs!

Consequently not only did we lose the lead we lost the game because of his negative tactics. Whoever told Allardyce MadDog was a PL class player needs shooting and the buck stops with him. Surely Pog had a trial didn’t he? He is totally out of his depth and like Mokum said “It’s not his fault his best just isn’t good enough in this league” No pace, cant tackle he was just left standing and was painful to watch.

Why of why does Allardyce keep giving O’Brien, Taylor and O’Neil starts and chances? Are we seriously that short on players that he has to keep playing our Championship lot who are out of their depth against teams like Spurs!?

Next two games away to Stoke and Chelsea. Cant see us getting anything until WBA at home….

Comment of the night imo

Comment of the night imo

Scary stats (Were we play at home?)

Scary stats (Were we play at home?)

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5 thoughts on “He’s a bit tasty

    • Totally agree. I’m sick of watching negative football. Everytime we take the lead we just sit back and invite teams to come at us. Brilliant game but would love to know why for the last 20mins we forgot how to play football. O’Neil Obrian Taylor Nolan need to follow Sam out the door. Jussi too seeing tho he’s just realised the seasons started.

  1. Not rocket science every one knew the impact balle would possiblie have on the match yet we had not man marked him or looked like getting near him all night !!! agree the BSA signings have been a sham and his tactics are driving people away from upton park

  2. Apart from Bale, $pur$ looked very average – So why didn’t we man-mark him all through the game, instead of letting him have free-range to shoot & run around at will? By far Jussi’s best game of a VERY poor season for us. I can’t stand this negative manner of playing football. You play to your strengths, not weaknesses. We cannot defend a one-goal lead. So, why not bring on Carlon for 20 mins instead of defenders? It invites teams to have a go, instead of US trying for the winner/decider

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