Another player wasting away


Sebastian Lletget is said to be close to signing a new deal for us and I’m glad because he is one of a best new comers but why isn’t he playing? He is 20 and these days players are near their prime at that age, either you are good enough or not at that age and he cant even make the bench.

Seems to me the only reason they want him down on a contract is to sell him for a tidy sum but yet again Allardyce is never going to play him, you cant tell me Taylor or O’Neil is keeping Seb out of the squad!?

Americans are now starting to question why he is signing a new deal. He is tipped to replace Landon Donovon that’s how much they rate him and for the sake of his US nation team career they want him back in the US on loan or sign for a team where he is going to start getting first team action.

I’m starting to get sick of Allardyce and his stubborn way of playing and picking relics because he knows them. This guy is so scared of taking a gamble and clearly doesn’t like being out of his comfort zone.

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2 thoughts on “Another player wasting away

  1. Yeah I totally agree with your comment on Sam not giving youngsters a go, he should look at the Tombides brothers too and start playing them, oh Wellington should play too

    • agree as well, as long as Allardyce is the manager we will never move forward. Thanks for getting us up and hopefully staying up, but time for him to move on. Need a new man (Adkins) who will get rid of the dead wood and play our young hungry players and move forward not backwards. BFS it’s time to ditch the zimmer frame players.

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