The Diame signing

Go on have the ginger nutter Diame!

Go on have the ginger nutter Diame!

Well this one was the real deal! Not only our best signing but probably the best signing of the Premier league when you consider he cost us nothing! Big, powerful and scares the shit out of defenders Diame is almost the complete midfielder which cost us absolutely nothing!

But that nothing has actually come at a price now, six months in and not without rumours Diame was linked elsewhere and a month long discussion took place behind closed doors where Diame wanted his salary tripled and West Ham wanted his buy out cancelled.

In the end due to lack of interest Diame stayed yes that’s right Hammers and listen good the only reason Diame is still with us is because no club actually came in with an offer for him or he would of jumped ship. West Ham withdrew their new offer and Diame stays until the Summer where I am convinced he will be off. But it’s more of a win win for us now because it gives us lots of time to find a good replacement for him instead of him potentially leaving on the last day of the January window.

That aside has anyone noticed that since this saga his form has now dipped? Lets hope we are going to get the old Diame back for at least a few more months until the season shuts and the new window opens!

My quality rating for this signing:- 8/10 (would of been higher if he wasn’t such a mercenary!)

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