The ginge re-signing


I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard Allardyce had gone back to an old defender of ours and re-signed James Collins. There is no doubt that the first time he was with us he was part of one of our best ever defences under Pardew along side Upson.

But to go back and re-sign an old player generally isn’t a good idea. Normally it smells desperation otherwise why would you go back for a player you have sold?

Collins has been hit and miss. He has come back with a Repka like temperament and has made stupid mistakes costing us goals but saying that he has also had some blinders for us. Since he has been injured our defence has been all over the place but who knows if it has been anything to do with him.

Tomkins was kept out of the team because of Ginge and rumours were abound that Tomkins wanted out but against Villa Tomkins had a blinder I thought. I think we are going to pretty much have the same from Collins this season but I wouldn’t have him as our number one next season. Generally once a team has come up you have the honeymoon period of one season then the test really starts next season.

If Allardyce has any sense he will start from the back and work his way forward strengthening the side in the summer.

My quality rating for this signing:- 6/10

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2 thoughts on “The ginge re-signing

  1. Collins and Reid together have been our best pairing before Collins went out we were 8th and playing great defense unfortunately Tomkins just hasn’t lived up to what we thought he was.

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