That £20 million summer kitty

According various rumours appearing all over the place this afternoon, it seems that Fat Sam, assuming we survive in the Premiership (not a foregone conclusion – but let’s assume so – for arguments sake), he(?) will be given £20 million to spend on strengthening the squad.

  So, that pretty much rules out Andy Carroll signing for us on a permanent basis, seeing that his £17 million estimation value will eat up most, or nearly all, of the 20 million.

  Rumour is also that (assuming we survive) Fat Sam will be offered another two year deal.

Names are already being linked with us: Martin Olssen (again), Wilfried Bony, Grant Holt (again) & Rickie Lambert (again), & the top of the agenda, sorting out the ‘Diamegate‘ issue.


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7 thoughts on “That £20 million summer kitty

  1. I don’t necessarily think any budget makes Carroll impossible. First of all, most transfer deals are paid via installments. So I would guess the installment due in the summer would count against the rumored 20 million (And we have zero clue if that number is at all accurate). If I were able to walk into Ladbtokes or somethng, Id wager a few sheckels that we will buy him in the summer. He’s ready to go on a nice little goal scoring run.

  2. May all you say come true Dave!!! – I just think that 20 million will be spent to ‘strengthen’ the squad yet again.

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