Morrison and Hall

Speaking to a few Brums supporters on blogs and forums I’ve been asking them about the progress of Morrison and Hall.



Shows glimmers of what he can do but he isn’t anywhere near premier league class. He hangs out with the wrong sort of people and still has time keeping issues. They reckon he should do another season in the Championship. Time is something we have because he is contracted to us until 2015 but I fear his career might actually be over by then because he really doesn’t lead the lifestyle of a professional footballer.



Very positive reviews of Robert Hall. They say again he isn’t Premier league class yet but has more promise then Morrison, they like his professionalism and the way he likes to run at defenders and out of the two he has more promise. Looks like Hall could one day become a starter for us.

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One thought on “Morrison and Hall

  1. Always new Hall would progress. Tony Carr rates him and he has a fair track record for spotting talent!

    As for Morrison, I fully expect he will be employed by his namesakes in 5 years pushing trolleys about!

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