Last night

Jussi – Dropped and replaced, yet again stood frozen on the spot as Berbatov somehow sneaked in a header between him and the post. Should of had that easily covered and made no attempt to stop it!

Demel – Made some darting runs but this guy isn’t a defender and we have just extended his contract. WTF!?

Reid – Pretty much had to do all the defending and goalkeeping

Tomkins – Fucking useless, sell him to the highest bidder today!

O’Brien – Anonymous

Diame – Only bright spark today and I wouldn’t blame him if he jumped ship TBH

Noble – Tried to hold the midfield together but was missing at times

Nolan – Finally got his goal and confidence was back for a while after it, but still missing for long periods of the game

Jarvis – One of our worst buys. Cant believe we have spent so much on such a pony as Jarvis. This guy has no end product whatsoever!

J Cole – Started brightly and then simply disappeared

Chamakh – What have we done!? Carlton is a class above this fella!

FatSam – Got it all wrong today, it’s not only our players it’s his formation. Replaces a striker with a striker when we are losing and when he finally brought on two strikers he played Carroll on the right so not to mess with his 4-5-fucking 1 formation. Allardyce wont get sacked but you be sure they wont extend his contract at the end of the season.

Ginge with a chip on his shoulder

Ginge with a chip on his shoulder

Class above the rest

Class above the rest

Nolan finally nets a goal but it wasn't enough

Nolan finally nets a goal but it wasn’t enough

Pressures on

Pressures on

Yes we cant believe it either, you were meant to be shit.

Yes we cant believe it either, you were meant to be shit.

Pressure showing

Pressure showing

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8 thoughts on “Last night

  1. I agree fully with you. I think I said a couple of weeks ago that we need a boss in defence. More than ever now… Jussi is just too passive. At fault for goals one and two. Sometimes I ask myself if this guy has blood or just non fat milk running in his veins. As for Tomkins, it is a major mystery. He is much worse than he was the year we went down. What has happened to him ? He llooks completely lost and without any confidence. These two combined have cost us the points we have lost in the ast weeks. And right now, almost nobody is blaming Collins for costing us 9 points with his clumsinesses. This is actually much worse, because the team gives the impression of total lack of coherence and seems to be crumbling.

    Problems in the dressing room perhaps ?

    • Sidwell could have been sent off too if the same criteria was applied as it was with Nolan earlier this season (or was it last year?)

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