Done and dusted

Well to my surprise the window has now changed and as I type it still has another 3hrs of funtime to run. Funtime for some clubs just not us, lots of VERY disappointed fans out there and who can blame them. We have a defence that leaks more then Paddy on a Saturday night bender but hear me out.

I have a feeling the board has probably refused to shell out more money and who can blame them. REALLY who can blame them, Allardyce has probably had a meeting with them and said I need even more money to cover my failures.

Can Imagine Brady coming back at him with “You wanted Carroll we sorted it, you wanted Jarvis we sorted it, you wanted strikers you now have 8! Now you are telling us you need more money because the team is shit. Sorry mate we held our part of the bargain now it’s up to you”. He is the manager and the board has bought in nearly all the players on his wish list.

It’s all come back and bit him on the arse. The board are playing a risky game, hold back on the cash he crashes and burns they get shot of him and hope the team doesn’t go down in the process. I’m guessing the are gambling on the 7pt cushion being enough and it should be.

It’s now up to FatSam to sort it out…..

This made me LMFAO!

This made me LMFAO!

Anyway these are our signings:-

Chamakh – First impressions VERY poor

Pogatetz – Don’t know yet

J Cole – Best buy of the window

Maguire – One for the future

Welly – Not fit enough and said he needed 3 months to bed in that gives him one month of playing time LOL!

Some kid keeper google search cant find – Jussi replacement……

I quote Brady…..We are only going to target players that will improve the team

So I ask you have our signings in this window improved the squad?

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5 thoughts on “Done and dusted

  1. At least it seems Diame is staying. That should stabilize the shaky atmosphere I have been feeling lately. Pity Stekelenburg isn’t coming. Good teams are built around a solvent goalkeeper. Jussi is too passive in his play, and seems afraid of crashing into bodies.

  2. And I was just thinking that with eight forwards, Allardyce might just be forced to end up playing with two up front, instead of a lone soul wandering around and disconnected from the other 9 field players. Wouldn’t that be a blessing after all ? Besides, something tells me Wellington is going to really make an impact. Hope I am right.

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