Why a good keeper is so important!


Robert Green bless him got greedy and decided to jump ship to QPR literally within days they decided if they were to stand any chance of staying up they would have to get a keeper in that commands his goal and gives the defence in front him him a little more confidence knowing a great keeper is standing confidently strong behind them.

Yes I’m talking about Julio Cesar. No matter how Green felt about the situation of being immediately replaced QPR did the right thing and that one change has kept QPR in the race for survival. The reason we didn’t beat QPR was because of Cesar, the reason QPR drew 0-0 tonight with Man C was because of Cesar.

This is a prime example of why one of the most important positions in the 11 man squad is the goalkeeper which can earn a team 10-15 points in a season! This is also why I have a problem with Jussi, he doesn’t strike me as a very confident keeper at times and lacks communication! If you don’t communicate with your defence it causes all sorts of problems at the back and even gets your 4 players in front of you a little jittery.

Another problem I’ve had with Jussi is that on a few occasions he has stood frozen while the ball whistles past him sometimes missing the goal and other times ending up in the back of the net. There is a strong rumour Robinson is being drafted in, does Allardyce have the same conviction as Hughes did to let Robinson have a go in goal?

Personally I think the only reason Jussi is still our number one keeper is because he hasn’t found a decent replacement. Why didn’t he just get Robinson in the Summer instead of waiting half a season?

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2 thoughts on “Why a good keeper is so important!

  1. Butland has rejected interest from Chelsea because he wants first team football. Somebody phone Sam and ask why the hell we aren’t thrashing a deal out!!

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