Panic stations?

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4 thoughts on “Panic stations?

  1. Drop Nolan and play joe behind the striker if he is going to play with 1 up front, get Darren Bent in, some one who will actually score goals and wants out of villa. Butland would be nice too but il take Robinson till the summer. We can all dream……

  2. Well Jack it looks like Diame is staying or he wouldn’t of played last night. I still think Diarra is a massive loss but we cant do much if he doesn’t want to play for us. The formation is killing us, he brings Carroll on and ends up playing on the right so to keep that 1 up front!!!

  3. We haven’t won since Wally Downes – someone find out where he’s hanging out – & offer him the WHUFC asap please. I’m sick & fuckin’ tired of listening to Fat Sams excuses – why we lost YET again to a very poor side. No matter how many times he shuffles the pack, who he brings in, we are shit.

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