What I would like

Highlight of the night

Highlight of the night

– A GOOD keeper for next season.

– Another central defender (versatile)

– A Left Back

– Diame gone from this club

– Diarra to take his place

– Nolan dropped

– Maiga sold

– Vaz Te bench-warmed

Goal number 4

Goal number 4

and finally an internal about last night. I’m convinced Allardyce did a Mick McCarthy and decided to throw the game and purposely played a weakened team. That is against FA rules and covered his arse by saying players on the bench had knocks! All he has achieved from this is a terrible goal difference, confidence shattered and lots of fans out of pocket!

Frustrated Hammers started fighting amongst each other last night

Frustrated Hammers started fighting amongst each other last night

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10 thoughts on “What I would like

  1. Why would you want Diarra a man who has claimed he is wasting his time at our club to replace our best player who hasnt said anything? Diame will stay and so he should Diarra out!!! Demel out, Vaz Te out.

    • Did you see him last night Jack? In the short time he had he was clearly the best player on the pitch. Demel has just signed an extension to his currant contract till 2016!!! Why have they done that!? Agree with Vaz he is dogshite…

      • Yes he was I agree with you on that but his attitude stinks. I was at the Sunderland game and my word was he awful!! I would use Pottsy (when he is ok) and Spence at least give them a chance until the summer. At least they have a bit of pace. Diame has spoken and surprise surprise it’s just paper talk and agents. He loves it at west ham just like I said. Would like to see Butland replace Jussi but don’t think it will happen.

  2. Goalie : Mignolet, or Mattia Perin (Pescara). Ter Stegen would also be great.
    Left back : There was a good one who just got a cheap transfer to Hannover, Pocognoli. Wasted chance.
    Cetral defender : long long list of players that could fit the bill. Look in Spain or Italy. They are tough, they also have above average technique.
    Wing backs, we already have the youngsters. They deserve to be pushed to their limits, for instance if we are sure to stay up, make them play and decide if they will be starters next season or not.
    Midfield, same thing. Now, if you tell me you get rid of Diarra, Diame, O’neil, and get Witsel in exchange, I say YES. I know he’s expensive, but he has future, work ethics, and volume of play that gives a club that little plus..
    Maiga, I heard he interests Bordeaux. Nolan, well….right now good enough to play with veterans from the neighbourhood on Sundays, then go for a couple of pint and have a fight in the pub. The guy must love the AC/DC lyrics…
    Demel, well I don’t understand very well what the deal is here. The guy (no pun) has shown committment to the club by giving up selections with his country, played several decent matches, but still doesn’t give me all assurances for some reason. Plus he is 30. Sometimes gives me the impression he is on another planet because he goes static. Mind you, much much better than Ilunga, who played for us several seasons, but that shouldn’t be the reference anyway, should it ? I think there is a lack of real boss in defence. Reid not ready for that yet, Tomkins still psychologically fragile. Jussi doesn’t command his area enough (see ManU second goal, with Potts hesitating). Get a real boss behind, and you’ll see how the level goes up.

      • Jussi reminds me when goalies lose it, the whole team/defence suffers, Ludo & Mervyn Day both spring to mind, both suffered the same infliction, both BECAME liabilities at the end. We should of NEVER signed him

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