Diame says…..

Speaking yesterday Mo. Diame said….

“I know there are people out there saying things about me but I have spoken with the manager and told him that I want to stay here,”

“I know the club want to keep me too so I will continue to give my best for them. I knew when I signed that West Ham were going to make their mark on the Premier League. Since I came here I am enjoying every game I play on the pitch. I think I made a good choice because I’m very happy at this club.”


I wouldn’t waste too much money on a flutter on him staying then……50p each way, on say odds of  a 1000 to 1

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3 thoughts on “Diame says…..

  1. He is going to stay. I’ve been saying this for days now and people might actually believe it now it has come straight from the horses mouth.

  2. According to twitter his deadline is until the weekend. I thought Gold said Thursday night (must of been wrong) anyway they said bids will have to be made like now or he will be forced to stay due to lack of interest. Two names said to be readying contracts are Spurts and Arsenal and I’m still convinced he is leaving.

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