Diame: The point of no return


I knew this would happen and things have finally turned ugly. It’s now come to a point where the club can no longer keep him because each side is accusing the other of being dirty and Diame is soon going to need a tin hat when he steps out to play.

This first stems back to his injury when Allardyce came out literally the next day before he even knew the extent of his injury and said ”He is probably going to be out for 3 months” then Diame hit back almost immediately with ”I will be out for 4-6 weeks”

The club are clearly doing all they can to keep him but as the old saying goes do you really want to keep a player that doesn’t want to play for you anymore? Yes he is our best player at the moment but the board need to take it on the chin because they agreed to the 3.5million buy out and now realise that a player who is potentially worth 10 million in today’s market is going to walk for a fraction!


It’s the point of no return and the club need to bite the bullet and let the fucker go. Also not only have we lost out on a massive transfer fee but we wont ever be able to replace him for 3.5 million and the natural replacement (but not as good) at the club also wants out (Diarra) but could now stay when Diame finally fucks off and is promised starting every game.

What a mess……

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6 thoughts on “Diame: The point of no return

  1. Dont you get it, without the clause he wouldnt of signed, if we make 3.5 mill for 6 months work thats good business, I havent actually heard him say a word yet, probably a load of old crap by the press and bloggers.

  2. Get Witsel in exchange. He is unhappy at Zenith and changes are coming (Spaletti might be leaving, all together with other players). Yes, I know, he is expensive…. BUT, guaranteed to sell thousands and thousands of shirts with his name on them. So, will the owners of the club think about this clever investment ???

  3. Till we hear it STRAIGHT from Diames mouth I wouldn’t believe a word. It’s January, silly season for papers, bloggers and media alike. You are all forgetting what was said when the clause was first leaked. Diame loves it here, loves the fans and loves his team mate he wants to stay. They were the words from him and the manager about a possible move in January.

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