1st Half

One thing is very clear about Arsenal they don’t do set pieces in fact they positively hate them! Everytime a ball floats in they are at panic stations and Allardyce needs to tell the boys at half time ping as many balls into their box as you can. Fantastic goal by Collison and up to their goal I thought we edged it!, I was panicking a little when they scored because I thought here we go but our defence is doing us proud. All of the back four are throwing themselves at everything and the Arsenal hords are struggling to break them down. HOLD FIRM MEN!

A few criticisms. Get Vaz Te off! I don’t know what it is with him but since he has been injured he is a different player a different person! Cant get anything remotely on target, dirty digs at players and getting a card for kicking a ball away what is he on!? Nolan yes Nolan again has totally gone missing except for arguing at the ref and giving free-kicks away. At the beginning of the season he was the fox-in-the-box, used to make a nuisance of himself in the penalty area but now you never see him there, his nuisance would really help us now Nolan where are ya!

2nd Half

Did Allardyce throw the match? It’s happened a few times before in cup competitions. Why would you leave Cole, Jarvis, Diame and Diarra on the bench?


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4 thoughts on “Report

  1. Sack Fat Sam, Nolan has had it, You can see why Newcastle got rid, Diame, he is not WHU, VazTe, not WHU, I could go on but, the main culbrit is fat Sam ruining this club, bit by bit until we end up a non footballing team wollowing in the Championship.

  2. It’s almost like he decided the throw the match. What was he thinking playing our Championship side from last season against Arsenal away? GD has been smashed! Also I thought Diarra was brilliant when he came on mind you.

  3. I took my little seven year old boy were season ticket holders sat in the arsenal end and got surrounded by red seats 84 pound wheres Joe Cole jarvis diame and diarrhea nolan needs a rest norwich at home great football collision noble diame players that can play football and run around needs proper striker or were struggling to stay up and give Henderson a go in goal jussis had it

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