Our striker problem. It’s the system!

Already scored as many as Carroll!

Already scored as many as Carroll!

Yet another game goes by and still our strikers cant stick the ball in the back of the net. So where lies the problem? Allardyce just confuses me at times because he has recently said he wants to see more goals coming from midfield and yet moans our strikers are not scoring.

Obviously it’s doesn’t help when you play one up front, yesterday the game was there to be won and STILL he only played one up front! He took Cole off and replaced him with Chamy (yeah we’ll call him that). Personally I would of taken that useless captain of ours off and replaced him with Chamy but no he takes one striker off for another and solves nothing!

He cant rely on our midfielders. Jarvis cant score, Nolan used to score but gave up since last year, Noble scores penalties (I’ll give him that) and Diame just wants out or 3 times more salary. Carlton Cole isn’t a goal scorer and Chamy is now asked to be a target man when he clearly isn’t! I for one would like to see Chamy and Carroll paired up front but Allardyce just isn’t going to do it is he.

Can he not see that the way he is asking the team to play just isn’t going to get goals out of them!? The only true way of getting goals at the moment is to drop Nolan (who cant score for shit) and play an extra striker! Chamakh behind Carroll and give J Cole a roaming role behind them.

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10 thoughts on “Our striker problem. It’s the system!

  1. Taking off Chamakh & bringing on Cole was a terrible tactical mistake. We should of been pushing for an equaliser – so play TWO up front. Sacrifice O’brien/Jarvis/Demel/Tomkins or anyone – & go for the goal. Fat Sam is FAR to negative/careful

  2. I thought you was spot on, Jole Cole will only be effective in a free roam role. Carroll and Chamy together will work well hopefully, Carroll before his injury held the ball up well and Nolan was more confident alongside him. If Chamy bangs one in I’m sure it will do wonders for his confident that will regularly game play I’m sure we will get back to winning ways.

    On another note Spence looked superb against united definitely one for the future

  3. I thought Chamakh did better at winning flick ons than Cole did. That said, if we’re going to play one up we need a fit Andy Carroll. I also would like to see Nolan dropped more often and Collison in for Jarvis. Having seen Jarvis play a few times this season, he is completely wrong for the system we play.

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