Diame update (With added poll)

He will sign but……

He wants 30k more a week and wants WHU to lower the 7.5million buy out clause the club wants to raise in his contract. Honestly get rid of this fella because he is constantly looking for a way out of the club.

Opinions are split. Nice and simple…

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8 thoughts on “Diame update (With added poll)

  1. Get rid of him the money grabbing mercenary. Wherever he goes he will get even more demanding. We want players that want to play for West Ham, not players with get out clauses in their contracts like 100% of Africans. He’s a waste of space

  2. Don’t kid yourself people, players try and earn what they can in their short career. End of.
    Don’t get me wrong, I wish it wasn’t like that.

    Why do we expect someone from half way round the world to love OUR club more than their career?

  3. Yes players are mercenaries and are right to try to earn as much as possible in their short career, but the successful ones are those who show consistency, some degree of loyalty and don’t try to jump from one club to the other like changing shirts. We should let him go and try to sign a more committed player.

  4. I was at the game yesterday – we need to keep Diame as he’s the only player we have that drives the ball forward (and I don’t mean by kicking it up in the air). His agent is paid to get him the most money he can. Don’t take it all personally – work out the deal and keep him at the club.

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