The most important game of the season

Thanks Lawro! You….


I’m really starting to hate QPR when a long time ago they were one of the clubs I had a soft spot for simply because of a few family members (who have now passed away) used to support them. I used to go round to my Uncle who lived not far from the stadium and was a big QPR fan and he used to show me his home shirts and a few nice plaques he had up on his wall.

If he was alive today I know for a fact he probably would of burnt his season ticket. They have turned into a poor mans Chelsea, that’s right I never knew a club to stoop lower then Chelsea but QPR are doing a great job in achieving this. From that stupid smirking ”I’m a West Ham fan” owner down to that twitching fuck of an ex manager.

Since Air Fernandes took over he had this dumb idea of replacing everyone with foreign imports and buying his way to Europe. All the player talent that gained promotion were left in the gutter and now the mercenaries on big bucks have royally shafted the club along with the owner. So how to solve this issue? Bring in Arry (the Dreamweaver) and throw even more money at the situation, I don’t think I could bare seeing them wankers at the Boleyn turn us over thus one more step to survival courtesy of us.

Just imagine Arry celebrating on our touchline and that tosser Fernandes celebrating up in our directors box next to G&S. I’ve got to try and get myself over this, come on people give me something positive to hang on to. I can see their new signing Remy turning our defence inside out Saturday!

What they are saying about us

What they are saying about us

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