Are we offering too much for Olsson?


It has been recently reported that we have upped our offer from 2.5million to 3.5million for Martin Olsson. Rovers want near 7 so both clubs valuations are worlds apart, but even at 3.5 million I have to question it because it is clear that Olsson isn’t a natural LB. Ask any Rovers fan and they will all tell you he plays much better in Midfield then in the LB position because he loves getting forward so is hardly ever back covering that role and when he is he isn’t that good!

Apparently according to their fans he is a natural winger but we have enough wingers. So is 3.5 million too much for a player that is far suited to the midfield role then at LB?

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6 thoughts on “Are we offering too much for Olsson?

  1. Just keep playing Pottsy and Spence. Really pleased to see them get a game yesterday. They are both only young so of course they will make mistakes but I feel they offer alot more than McCartney and especially Demel.

  2. Potts might make some mistakes still, but his sense of position and reflexes have already make him save two goals in three matches. Besides, the goal against Sunderlnd for which everyone blames him wasn’t only his fault. There was a clear lack of command from Jussi in his box. Instead of shouting to Potts what to do, he stood there waiting to see what would happen. Just like last night on Chicharito’s counter attack. Tomkins tells him to come out (and cut the angle), but he stands there halfway out waiting to see what happens….

    Stick with Jussi for the rest of the season, but next year we need someone like mignolet, who has the ideal profile : good sense of anticipation, physical when needed, can reach difficult balls with big stretches, and with a ten year span career left.

    • Totally agree mate. As I said to a few harsh fans it wasn’t Pottsy fault all he tried to do was chest it for Jussi to pick up otherwise it would have been a back pass and as you say Jussi’s commanding is a bit poor. Would love to see Butland come but unfortunately the “big clubs” want him. Just hope he realises he will get played every week if he comes to us. Have a feeling the link with Robinson isn’t over yet either.

    • Robinson smells like overcooked carrots… If you bring in someone, he has to be better than the one in place. And Robinson is NOT better. By the way, we still haven’t seen what Spiegel is capable of…

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