It was a game of two halves

Look no hands!

Look no hands!

First half was pretty much indescribable almost Man U v a pub team, one shot on goal if that? After they scored on 8mins I saw a massacre coming but it didn’t materialise! I don’t know whether they showed pity upon us or realised that they could stay in 3rd gear till the final whistle but it’s almost like they thought go in 1-0 up and finish’em in the second half.

Second half Sam must of stuck a rocket up their arses because they were a different team (Except for Vaz who was awful throughout) knocking the ball about with an air of confidence and you could see that if you got at them they were wobbly at the back but it doesn’t help when you don’t have a striker on the pitch!

I thought it might be our night after that undeserving penalty went over the stand but we couldn’t capitalise even with Captain wonder Nolan coming on.

Yet another game without a goal but considering Taylor and O’Neil started I don’t think we did that bad! Bring on the twitch and his 8million quid striker signing!

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