Diame looking to bail now big clubs have shown interest

I know where you live...

I know where you live…

It was one of them cases where Diame probably had the tip of his pen placed on the X mark when his agents phone started buzzing, he takes a quick peek and sees a text message which probably read  NO SIGN! NO SIGN! love Wenger.

It’s probably all the ammo Diame needed to wait a little more or shall we say for us to stump up even more cash or he walks! So the club has to decide what they are going to do. It’s a fact that since he has been injured we haven’t been the same club but are we going to be held ransom by this mercenary?

Personally I think the damage has been done, I wont look at Diame in the same light again. He has only just joined us and already looking to cash in some way or another, why do we always get ourselves into these situations? We are on a lose lose basis, he goes we lose a good player plus get a pittance for him and if he stays he will cost us a small fortune plus most at the club will hate him for what he has done.

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4 thoughts on “Diame looking to bail now big clubs have shown interest

  1. I would love Diame to stay, however Unless he signed for say QPR he would ardly be cashing in going to Arsenal despise them as I do, they are a bigger club so he would improve his chances of winning medals/trophies. As for our own benefits, if we sold him we would get 3.5m which is 3.5m a) we didn’t have before and b) 3.5m more than Wigan got (yes I agree he is worth more but that’s hardly his fault) finally if someone said to me, if I can remove this clause from your contract I will pay you more money for doing the same job……I wouldn’t say no. Our chairman offered him this contract they took this risk, can’t really see that he is done anything that I can dislike him for yet!

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