The likely leavers


So two players have been in pretty much all of the papers today but these aren’t targets these are players the club apparently wants rid of. I believe Gold came out and said Tomkins isn’t for sale in this window but Tomkins wants out due to his stint on the bench and Allardyce’s apparent favoritism towards Collins. He also knows Pardew has shown interest and is willing to part with a tidy sum to land him.

I’m guessing that Tomkins isn’t for sell unless a nice offer is presented to the board then maybe they might change there mind on the matter. Will he leave? I reckon if an offer comes in around the 5 million mark he will be off…

Yes he missed again

Yes he missed again

The other is Carlton Cole. Apparently he has been told to find another club because he is way down the pecking order now and is unlikely to feature again once Carroll is back and both Reading and Norwich are interested, I for one wouldn’t be sad to see him leave because he isn’t a Premier league striker and with two clubs bidding against each other id bite their hands off with any offer over the 4 million mark!

The Unlikely leaver is Diame who according to twitter rumours is going to sign a new lucrative contract and boy have we missed him! Since he has been injured we have only picked up 4pts!

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3 thoughts on “The likely leavers

  1. I hope Tomkins shows Sam what he can do with Collins getting injured yesterday. Massive mistake if we sell him. O’Neil, Cole, Demel and Vaz Te need to go.

  2. Keep tonks sell cole, buy a striker and a left back, as long as we don’t get dragged into relegation battle I’ll be happy enuff with that conciderin the team we have at the minute.

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