Boukari deal imminent so does that mean Jarvis deal is off?

We are apparently set to sign French winger Razak Boukari in the next few days which I would say signals the end of our interest in Wolves winger Jarvis. In my opinion Jarvis is the better of the two but the Boukari deal makes better sense all round.

Boukari is BY FAR the cheaper option of the two when I say cheap I’m talking in every aspect, cheaper transfer, cheaper salary and cheaper pay out to the agent. Also Boukari is no mug he helped his club Rennes to 6th, he also loves running at defenders scaring the life out of them with his dribbling skills so for a fraction of 10 million he is probably well worth the investment ahead of Jarvis which is a rip off quite frankly.

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5 thoughts on “Boukari deal imminent so does that mean Jarvis deal is off?

    • We offered £9m and they asked for £10m and the board, who were going to possibly cripple us financially for years to sign Carroll, can’t even up their bid by £1m to the ten they asked. They were going to pay Carroll £100k a week, but can’t even offer an extra mil for a player we desperately need. Hope this lad shows they kno what their doing cos they’ve got me baffled.

  1. I think Boukari will be a gr8 asset
    We need strength up front
    Good choice Sam
    Jarvis will still be around next season
    Just cheaper

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