Grant gives duties to Parker (because he cant be arsed)

I’m sure most would have seen the MOTD highlights of yesterdays game and I’m sure most would of seen Coles interview with the BBC after the game.

Basically he reveals that Parker inspired the team at half time to fight for their very lives and it very nearly brought a tear to his eye. It then goes back to Gary who quite right said “Makes you wonder what the manager is doing” Well I think we all know what he is doing…



Are the club going to stick with a manager that cant be arsed anymore? If he cant be arsed to give an inspring half time team talk and leaves it up to his players then what is he there for? He has someone to do his defensive coaching, he wants someone to do his striking coaching and gives responsibilities ti his captain to inspire the team.

I suppose we cant really blame him though. If you knew you were out the door and you knew deep down the owners really dont want you would you give a flying fuck? NO! of course not. They’ve made their own mess, couldn’t get it together to replace him, then publicly back him under bitten lip and we all know they cant afford to sack him so the mess only leads to one thing and that’s relegation.

One thing I do know is Parker will probably make a good coach…


Cole sporting fat lip

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