WHU release Olympic stadium images

WHU Olympic stadium image (with photoshopped \'smaller\' running track)

January 27 – More than 50 MPs have signed their support for the West Ham United and Newham Council joint bid to take over the Olympic Stadium in Stratford after London 2012 as the Premier League club unveiled how it would look if their campaign is successful.

The first image of how the Olympic Stadium could look as part of the proposed bid was unveiled by West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady and Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales at a House of Commons reception hosted by West Ham MP Lyn Brown.

The computer-generated image shows an extended roof which, West Ham claim, would add to the intimate feel created by the impressive sightlines and seating lay-outs, as well as a taste of some of the wider facilities to be included in the state of the art complex.

Plans for the Stadium include a football museum, interactive learning facilities and be a home sport for elite, club, community and school athletes of all discipline.

Under the plans, it would be open for use as soon as summer 2014.

The event saw dozens of MPs from all the main political parties signing a pledge board confirming their support for the West Ham-Newham Bid, including Tessa Jowell, the Olympics Minister when the 2012 Games were awarded to London in July 2005.

The only other bidders for the Stadium are Tottenham Hotspur, whose plans involve demolishing the arena after the Olympics and Paralympics and replacing it with a new one that does include an athletics track.

Also present were Westfield and Live Nation -global leaders in construction and entertainment events respectively – along with UK Athletics and Essex Cricket.

Brown said: “As you can see today, we have cross-Parliamentary support for this Bid.

“It is a strong bid, it is the only bid that makes sense, puts money back into the community and makes sure our children have a sporting future.”

The formal presentation was made by Brady and Newham Council Chief Executive Kim Bromley-Derry, while West Ham Chairman David Gold and Sir Robin Wales also addressed the audience.

Sir Robin emphasised the importance of ploughing investment back into the community while Gold spoke of his personal attachment to the East End.

Brady said: “This image gives a true sense of how the Olympic Stadium would look post-conversion – a truly multi-purpose, multi-event stadium that would stand as a true home for sport in this country.

“On 6 July 2005, a promise was made in the Queen’s name.

“We believe in that promise and we believe in legacy.

“It’s important for the UK’s credibility as a sporting nation – especially in the wake of the 2018 FIFA World Cup disappointment – to keep that promise.

“Pulling down the stadium would waste half-a-billion pounds in taxpayers’ money.”

Bromley-Derry said: “We see the stadium as a key catalyst in the regeneration of London. Football is pivotal, of course, but it is also a golden opportunity for other sports.

“It’s all about creating an Olympic and multi-sport legacy for the UK and securing an economic legacy for Newham and London.”

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