So here’s my 5 pence worth

The club are desperate WE ARE DESPERATE! but they are still stopping short of firing Grant. I’m trying to mind read Sullivans brain just for 5mins to see what the fuck is going on in there!

Only thing I can do is put myself in his position, I’ve just spent 80million on a club and it’s about to be spunked in one season. Ok I’d sack him or shall I say I would of sacked him by now. He hasn’t done it (yet) so what other things going on in that fleshy coconut of his?

They need to change things so first thing to do is change the number 2 which they have done. It would appear it’s a two horse race between Lomas and Di Canio, they will give it a month or so and if results still don’t pick up I’m guessing Grant will be next before the transfer window opens and the money given to a new manager who by then would have to produce miracles like none we have ever seen.

Di Canio would be my choice, yeah no experience but what a confidence booster that would be when he arrives, this guy can stick a rocket up your arse if nothing else. Di Canio or Lomas?

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