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Such a great post it needs to be posted around the West Ham community interweb. I’m hoping someone with a little clout in the club might eventually fall upon this post:

I’m a long suffering west ham fan (40years+) and I don’t think I’ve ever known such a depressing period. It’s got so bad that after many months of following this website, I’ve decided to give vent to my feelings – maybe it will help. I’m afraid that I don’t have the answer to our problems, just a lot of questions. Let’s start with communication. Instead of Grant’s inane match comments and Sullivan and Gold’s publicity soundbites, why isn’t there proper communication with the fans. Take for example the injury to Hitzlsperger. How can someone (according to PhysioRoom.com) be out for 5 months with a thigh muscle strain? There’s no information coming out of the club. What’s happened to the famous youth academy? Apart from Noble (who blows hot and cold), I can’t think of one youth player who has become a fixture in the first team in the past five years. And then there’s the manager. I guess we all hoped that the era of Gold and Sullivan, with Grant as manager would at least bring us stability after the the turmoil of last season. Unfortunately, things have deteriorated to the point where managerial change is really the only option. Grant doesn’t appear to have the personality to motivate or inspire the team and the technical failings in defence, particularly from crosses (I think we have suffered the most headed gaols in the Premiership) have not been addressed. My heart sinks when I see the teamsheet, with people like Boa Morte and Kovac still being picked. It took long enough for the penny to drop over Spector and Faubert, yet the manager still doesn’t seem to see what the fans see week after week. What action was taken against Boa Morte for giving away that disgraceful penalty at such a crucial time against Blackpool? If it had been my responsibility, I’d have fined him a week’s money and consigned him to the reserves for good – he’s an accident waiting to happen. But the club say nothing and he’s picked for the next game. Piquionne and Obbina were forming a good partnership up front – why was that changed? I don’t see the point in perservering with Cole. He had a brief period last season when he seemed like a world beater, but we’ve seen enough over three seasons to know that he hasn’t got the goal scoring instinct that you need in his position. I’d like to see Barrera given a longer run. We should stick with a back four of Jacobsen, Da Costa/Tomkins, Upson and Gabbidon. Ilunga needs a long period in the reserves and Gabbidon is a safer bet at LB at the moment. So my selection would be Green, Jacobsen, Tomkins (Da Costa when fit) Gabbidon, Parker, Noble (Hitzlsperger when fit) Barrera, Piquionne, Obbina, Stanislas (Dyer when fit) – plus a new manager! Sorry to go on so long – 40 years of hurt!!

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