What are they worth in January?

R Green – 6million PROFIT
W Reid – 500k LOSS
Ben Haim – Free EVEN
D Gabbidon – Free LOSS
J Tomkins – 1million PROFIT <———Sell
K Dyer – Free (1 Billion in salary) LOSS OF THE CENTURY
S Parker – 10million+ PROFIT
C Cole – 5million (at best) PROFIT <———Sell
J Collison – 5million PROFIT
T Hitman – Free (hasn’t played yet) LOSS
P Barrera – 4million PROFIT
LBM – Free LOSS <————Sell
R Kovac – 1million LOSS <————Sell
M Upson – 5million (at best considering he walks in the summer) LOSS <—-Sell
M Noble – 8million PROFIT
B McCarthy – Free LOSS <———Sell
J Spector – 1million LOSS
J Faubert – 4million LOSS <——–Sell
V Behrami – 5million EVEN <———Sell
Da Costa – 6million PROFIT
Ilunga – 2million EVEN <———-Sell
F Nouble – 1million (at best) PROFIT <———Sell
J Stanislas – 3million PROFIT
Z Hines – 3million PROFIT
Piqman – 4million PROFIT
Jacobsen – 4million PROFIT

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2 thoughts on “What are they worth in January?

  1. I have had a disturbing thought early. What is the cheapest way of off loading high paid useless players? Most prem footballers have relegation clauses in their contract. When you think of it like that, maybe this is why the two David’s are sticking by Grant, i cant think of any other reason. If we go down, we loose the big names (sadly Parker is the only one id miss) for free, Grant would go for free. Then I forsee a season or two in the championship building a better team! Sadly we are still riding out the damage done by the biscuit maker! But for the life of meI cant see why they are sticking with Grant, He has never been any good. Unless he has the money of chelsea. Maybe we should pose this to the boardroom and see what they have to say!

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