TBI’s review of the week

Monday morning 06.00am I am woken by a bright light, the alarm telling me it’s time for another week of grafting out in the cold.

Once my brain kicked in I started to think about the week ahead regarding us (the Hammers), it really was shit or bust for us but surely two home ties against WBA and Blackpool would see us out of the relegation zone wouldn’t it?

This is West Ham we are talking about……

Before our match against the Baggies news broke that we had two potential targets for January Itay Shechter who has come to his senses and realises there is no point joining a club for 6months and leave when we drop and Kristijan Ipsa Who would appear to be willing to change his own nationality to join us!? I guessing he knows nothing about our plight just yet..

We have to be realistic in January, when you are looking certs for the drop no one and I mean NO ONE with any quality wants to join you. Maybe if we had some cash backing us up we could tempt them with that but we don’t even have money FFS! So don’t get excited it’s going to be Bosmans and loans again I’m afraid.

With the WBA game been and gone and a 2-2 played out you could see we just don’t have the fight in us for this, tactically Grant has to be questioned because Di Matteo clearly wanted to win that game more then us piling forward players on for the win while Grant brought on Kovac for the draw, he settled for a draw at home when we HAD to win!?

Grants head firmly on the bloke G,S and B now regretting they came out in public to back him it’s all starting to look shambolic, G&S have an investment to take care of and I don’t care what they say if the last resort is to sack the manager to protect their money and stadium dreams then that is what they will do.

Rumours fly past and before you know it Blackpool has arrived with 11 freshmen and clearly believing they have a chance of taking our bunch of mugs apart. They almost bloody did but it was the best 0-0 I have ever seen and I suppose on reflection a draw was the right score even though it didn’t help us. Harewood scoring with his first touch and clearly on side then Harewood missing a sitter OH how it took me back.

We had two penalties turned down and one was basically a one handed save by their defender, how that was missed I will never know. Carlton ‘I cant be arsed anymore’ Cole had one off the post but lets be honest if this was any team with strikers that could score (I’m talking about Blackpool) they would of buried us.

What now? Well if I was G&S I would sack the manager and give what money they have to another to see what they can do for half a season. Pardew, Curbs, O’Neill, Rijkaard and the Warnock rumour YUK!
Get Pardew in FFS! Lock Brady in a room for half a season or he will have her across the boardroom table that’s for sure but Pardew can buy wonders with the 10million touted about.

It’s the only sensible thing to do now, Bye Grant you didn’t get much of a go but we don’t have time to wait for things to happen mate..

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