Booing Boa

You know most of us moaned a few days back when LBM had a go at us but you can see why. I actually felt quite sick and embarrassed watching our fans roundly booing him off the pitch today.

Paying your money gives you a licence to act like pigs?

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4 thoughts on “Booing Boa

  1. It may be disgusting to see a player get booed but what is more disgusting is watching a player not putting any effort in for 60 minutes. He played shocking and shouldn’t be at the club. He’s not even fit for a league one team!

  2. Tom G&S OFFERED him a new contract! Who is to blame here? We all knew he was shit from the very first day he arrived, Fulham tucked us up to the tune of 5/6million was it? He played shit from day one and even publicly slagged off the owners and yet STILL got a new contract.

    If you want to boo someone boo them. I didn’t even boo mini -Judas and what he did was much worse! No sorry booing just ain’t right in my books.

  3. What annoys me is hearing the fans boo a player one minute, and then scream for joy when then hit the back of the net.

    The only thing worse than poor performance on the pitch is hypocritical fans.

    Fortunately it’s only a few around the Bobby Moore lower and the majority are alright.

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