Third mystery bidder enters the stadium mix

Mysterious new bidder for 2012 Olympic stadium casts new possibilities and doubts

Mounting doubt about the future of the Olympic stadium in London following the 2012 Games has taken a new turn as a mysterious third bidder vied for ownership Friday.

The Telegraph reported that the Olympic Park Legacy Company, who is overseeing the construction and bidding process for the stadium, were party to three presentations Friday. Presenters included the mystery bidder, West Ham F.C., supported by Newham Borough Council, and a Tottenham Hotspur F.C.-AEG consortium.

Sources indicate as well that representatives from the NFL have spoken with one of the interested parties about using the stadium for American football games following the Olympics. The NFL is presumed to be in communications with AEG, which owns many of the world’s most profitable sports and entertainment venues.

Unlike other bidders, the mystery bidder is reportedly a commercial operator who plans to use the stadium for large scale sports and entertainment opportunities. The bidder is not likely to be affiliated with the NFL.

Specific information has been hard to come by as the third bidder insists on anonymity for the bidding process.

According to the Telegraph, an NFL spokesperson confirmed the league’s interest, saying, “One of the groups with an established interest in the Olympic stadium met us recently and said that they would like to have the NFL as a tenant if they gained control of it. We noted their interest but it’s far too early to say what the outcome will be.”

Throwing a third bidder into the mix increases competitiveness amongst fellow bidders West Ham and Tottenham.

West Ham United F.C., led by co-owners David Gold and David Sullivan, has publicly announced its wish to turn the stadium into the club’s permanent home. The situation is much the same for Tottenham Hotspur F.C., which is looking to upgrade its current stadium, White Hart Lane.

Tottenham and AEG are partners for the future stadium venture.

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