Hammers priced out of Jose Callejon signing

Sullivan: “It Is Too Much Money”

West Ham United’s bid to sign Jose Callejon from Spanish Espanyol has fallen through after West Ham co-owner David Sullivan announced that West Ham would no longer be tracking the 23 year old. Speaking on behalf of Espanyol, Daniel Sánchez Llibre revealed to the press that talks with West Ham have broken down because a transfer fee agreement could not be reached, and Jose Callejon was uninterested in negotiating with Wigan Athletic, who were thought to be leading contenders to sign Callejon, until he revealed he would prefer a move to West Ham.

“We are pleased to report that Jose Callejon will remain an Espanyol player for this season” said Daniel Llibre to the press, “we have not be able to reach an agreement with West Ham, and therfore we will not be concluding any business. We bare West Ham United no ill will, nor Wigan Athletic. We made our terms of settlement quite clear from the beginning. Jose is a special player, and we have been keen to hold onto him from the beginning. If anyone wished to sign him, they would have to place an offer we could not refuse. We are pleased that such an offer has not been submited, and the player can resume training ahead of our busy pre-season schedule.”

When questioned as to why talks with Espanyol broke down, David Sullivan injected that the desired transfer fee of £8Million for the player was to blame, and not the player’s individual contract demands, as some papers are reporting.

“When it comes down to it”, claimed Sullivan this morning, “you have to make sure you spend money wisely. If you do not, then you find yourself in debt. The minimal transfer fee that Espanyol were looking at, was unreasonable. We are not fortunate enough to find ourselves in the finacial position as Chelsea, or Mancheser City. To Splash £8Million on a player is a big gamble when funds are limited as they are. Callejon would have been an excellent addition to our squad, but at that price we feel he would be too expensive to logically justify. It is too much money. We have many positions we wish to strengthen, and in order to do so we must be very careful with how we spend. We are dissapointed that things have turned out this way, but that is Football. We are just hoping now that the rising tensions between Wigan and ourselves can soothe”.

As if by Sullivan’s request, Wigan manager Roberto Martinez has issued a public apology to West Ham United in the wake of the claims made by him over the verbal Callejon saga.

“Wigan Athletic do not want to wage a word battle with West Ham. It was immature of me to react the way I did, and I apologise for it. There is no need to make anything in Football overly personal. West Ham wanted the same player we did, and we would have done the same thing in their position. It’s just one of those things in the end, that comes with Football. We wish to have no more harsh words exchanged with West Ham United. We are proffesional clubs, and we need to act like it in a league prestigeous as this one.”

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