Liverpool to target Crouch and Cole to get their goals.

From caughtoffside

OK, it is as clear as day we need alternative attacking options, it was clear during the last transfer window and is even more painfully clear now. Roy Hodgson tried to get someone in during August but failed but he is now talking up his hopes of resolving the issue in January and with new owners on board perhaps we stand a good chance of getting someone good.

The two players mentioned by this source are clearly target men and it makes good sense to bring someone in who can hold up the ball and make the most of their partnership with Fernando Torres although some of Hodgson’s recent quotes, including the one below suggest the Anfield boss is actually just looking for cover and may not be planning a two pronged attack.

“If Fernando isn’t playing one week, you have got to get someone in who has got the same level of quality.”

Now Peter Crouch we all know started his Liverpool career disastrously but he won us over with a mixture of determination, gangly awkwardness and more skill than many give him credit for. He had a decent strike rate for the club, 92 starts and 40 goals. He is in many ways ideal for European football, something that he showed during his three years at the club and in recent Champions League matches for Tottenham. A move the 29 year old would seem to make sense.

However what would not make sense, is a move for Carlton Cole. A player who is struggling to get a start at West Ham, such is his poor form of late. Yes the former Chelsea man had a decent last couple of seasons but I just don’t rate him as a player we should be interested in, unless our aim is now to aim for a mid-table finish, which I sincerely hope is not the case.

Cole is not a Champions League level player, he is not even a top six level player and should be avoided exactly for that reason. We don’t want to be in the relegation zone where we currently find ourselves in, so why would we buy a player who has been playing at that level for some time?

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