Seconds out round one ‘ding’ ‘ding’

Hearn’s Upton Park counterpart David Sullivan this week voiced his anger over Tottenham’s rival bid for the venue.

But Hearn has hit out at Sullivan, telling the Evening Standard: “If he is worried about Tottenham then he can only begin to have sleepless nights about the aggravation I’m going to give him if he moves on my doorstep.

“This is total hypocrisy on his part. This is a case of Tesco moving next to the little sweet shop on the corner as far as I’m concerned.

“A club that has a 30-35,000 support base is moving into an 80,000-seater stadium. It obviously means very cheap tickets and it means a death knell for Leyton Orient, the Football League’s second oldest club.”

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One thought on “Seconds out round one ‘ding’ ‘ding’

  1. Through thick & thin, pre & post Hearn, the O’s have had a fan base of around 4-6k a home game, & probably always will, despite competing with $pur$ & west ham.

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