The War of words begin

Arry accuses us of ‘Tapping up’ That’s right the king of Tap accuses us!

West Ham and Spurs came to blows this summer over Scott Parker, who was the subject of a rejected £7million bid from Harry. David Sullivan accused Spurs of unsettling Parker with the bid and Parker signed a new four-year contract at Upton Park.

And Harry believes that his former club are hypocritical as they also contacted Jamie O’Hara about a move to Upton Park.

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Redknapp claimed: “They were talking to Jamie O’Hara all through the summer. Jamie told me he’d been getting phone calls all summer.”

If this is true West Ham would have broken Premier League rule K3, which states that the buying party in a transfer must contact the player’s club before speaking to him directly.

Harry has called for this rule to be scrapped as ‘tapping up’ players is widespread within the game.

“Listen, it (“tapping up”) happens in the game.

“We’re all kidding ourselves if we think it doesn’t go on in the game. Every player that gets transferred, someone’s ringing him.

“It doesn’t just suddenly happen. An agent will speak to an agent for a player. He will speak to the player. The player says ‘yeah, I’d like to go to that club’ and that’s how it happens.

“If people don’t think it happens at almost 99% of transfers then they are in the wrong world.”

West Ham were unavailable to respond to the allegations on Friday evening.

Brady hits back with

Karren Brady has criticised Harry Redknapp over the way he pursued Scott Parker during the transfer window.

The West Ham midfielder recently put an end to speculation about his future by signing a new four-year contract at Upton Park.

But throughout the summer it did not appear certain that he would stay as Tottenham were interested in securing his services.

West Ham always made it clear that Parker was not for sale and rejected an offer from their London rivals.

Vice-chairman Brady nevertheless says the 29-year-old was affected by the situation, and has hit out at Redknapp for the way he does business.
‘Harry’s Law’

“Harry Redknapp has introduced something in the transfer market I call ‘Harry’s Law’. It goes: ‘Do what I like, when I like, with whom I like,” Brady said in the Daily Mail.

“Scott Parker grew unsettled by Spurs’ clear interest in him even though West Ham joint-chairman David Sullivan stated he was not for sale.

“No permission to speak to Scott was requested or would have been given.

“But this was not good enough for Spurs who were convinced we would be pressured into selling.”

Redknapp has insisted that Tottenham did nothing wrong, saying: “We were told they were willing to sell and wanted to sell him to raise money.”

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