(Gordon) Banksy?

A SOCCER star enraged neighbours with “modern art” in his garden – including a Portaloo and blow-up sex doll.

Derby County goalie Stephen Bywater tied mattresses and the doll to a horse box and sprayed it and the loo with graffiti.

The 29-year-old referred to his “Banksy” as a “masterpiece”.

But locals in his picturesque village branded it a “monstrosity” and called cops to get it removed.

Bywater’s 75-year-old neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said yesterday: “It’s horrible. He put it up while we were away. We’re trying to sell our home.”

Last night, after police and club officials got involved, Bywater agreed to dismantle the mess from behind the four-bed home he shares with wife Zoe in Sutton-on-the-Hill, Derbys.

The ex-England Under 21 star, who had daubed the words “love” and “Dave” on the horse box, apologised and admitted: “This does not reflect well on me as a professional or the club in general.” Earlier he had claimed art was his hobby.

Championship side Derby County said: “This is not the type of conduct we expect of one of our employees.” Police said they had sought an “amicable solution”.

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