Benni hungry

…to return.

have hammered Benni McCarthy with £80,000 in fines after he fell behind their deadline to lose weight.

But the South Africa striker has returned from a specialist fitness clinic in Austria having shed two stone – and is now under the 85 kilograms (13st 4lbs) weight set by the medical staff to take him to the brink of a first team recall.

A friend said: ‘Benni regrets what has happened, but is keen to put it behind him now.
Chewing the fat: McCarthy picked up £80,000 in fines over his weight problems

Chewing the fat: McCarthy picked up £80,000 in fines over his weight problems

‘He has paid the fines and now wants to repay the club by playing well and scoring goals.’

Sportsmail has learned that the fines built up after he missed a series of deadlines in a gruelling fitness programme.

McCarthy cost £2.5million from Blackburn last season but has yet to score for West Ham, despite being signed by Gianfranco Zola on a two-and-a-half year deal on wages of almost £40,000-a-week.

He was even left out of the World Cup by South Africa because of his ballooning weight.
Chairman David Sullivan told Sportsmail in the summer that McCarthy’s body fat had soared to 24.2 per cent. The recommended figure for male athletes is between five and 12.

‘I’m the type of person who, if I don’t train hard, I pick up weight,’ McCarthy told Sportsmail earlier in the season.

‘With my bone structure, body structure, if I don’t train with intensity, I will get bigger.

‘When you’re injured, you can’t train, and for three weeks I was told to stay off my feet, just come in for treatment (for a knee injury). I couldn’t go in the gym. If I was on my feet, my knee would swell up.

‘When I started training again, I could tell I was two or three kilos too heavy, and I didn’t train at the intensity I normally would.’

Now he is in line to start at Sunderland in the Carling Cup next week, with West Ham in dire need of firepower.

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