Kit launch

Is this the sexiest replica kit launch of all time? It has to be…

t’s rare for a week to pass without a Premier League player or manager espousing the quality and brilliance of life England’s top flight. And while it’s true that the attacking brilliance of Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea is a thing to admire, and that the prospect of Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur pushing them for the title whets the appetite of football countrywide, there are some things that the English game just doesn’t provide. You know, like really pretty girls prancing around in skimpy pants and bespoke replica kits…

You only have to look at the way that Stoke City, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham United and Aston Villa made use of Ryan Shawcross, David Dunn, Mark Noble and Stewart Downing respectively to sell new shirts to fans to see what we’re getting at…and don’t even get us started on the drab effort put in by Sunderland, Wigan Athletic, Fulham, Birmingham City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Everton and Blackpool…

Anyway…before we depress ourselves with the lack of imagination at the marketing department of the Premier League’s clubs, we bring evidence of what can be achieved when political correctness is put to one side for an afternoon.

This time last year it was brought to the attention of that a special Argentinean football side called Club Atletico Velez Sarsfield enjoyed making use of nubile young women to publicise the launch of their latest replica kits. To say that pictures of last year’s home ‘strip’ launch were a treat was a beautiful understatement…

Readers gasped in amazement at the dashing go-faster V accentuating the ripe chest area, the dazzling array of blues used to bring out the ‘players’ eyes and the skimpy shorts which should help them to the top of the league.

Of course, having been such a success it appears that the good men in charge at the Buenos Aires outfit have decided to repeat the trick for the club’s centenary…so for your delectation here is this year’s latest kit launch.

For those who wanted to know, the kit is made by Penalty and the models (although we’re not sure which is which are Florencia Teusouro, Virginia Gallardo, Claudia Ciardone, María Luján Telpuk and  Evangelina Ferrer.

Muchas Gracias to the official Velez Sarsfield website for the pictures.

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