Portsmouths youth system a joke

Steve Cotterill has issued a damning assessment of the academy structure at Portsmouth.

Since succeeding Avram Grant at Fratton Park over the summer, Cotterill has been keen to run an eye over all aspects of the club.

Following a troubled time, it is essential that Pompey make the most of what they have available and attempt to get back on their feet.

Cotterill, though, believes they are failing to do that, with the youth system falling well short of expectations.

There have been exceptions to the rule over recent years, such as the recently offloaded Marc Wilson, but Pompey have struggled to produce young stars ready to make the step up into the first team.

Cotterill plans to change that during his time at the club, as he believes it is imperative that Portsmouth are able to produce home-grown stars during a period of financial instability.

He told The News: “I’m not having a go at the younger ones. They have done well. But we’re asking them to do men’s jobs.

“The recruitment from the academy is key. Recruitment is everything. I’m not in charge of the academy, though.

“We have to recruit right and they in turn recruit right. It won’t be a PR move here, not now. Not while I’m here.

“I don’t think what has come through has been good enough. I don’t think it is.

“The proof is in the pudding, people who come through, and we haven’t had that here.”

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