Just when you thought our bad days were behind us

I can just see Zola’s face as that final whistle went.

We actually played the same team as last season BUT WORSE! I cant actually think of a worse performance last season then that one and that’s saying something.

Our new signing LBM well that’s how they would love us to think was well the LBM of old, Reid SERIOUSLY out of his depth, we have fallen for that old World Cup shiner ‘sign a player that has had a good competition’ (remember Savio?) Reid will be a flop, I said it the first time I saw Savio play and I can see it with him. Heard all that ‘he will come good’ and ‘give him a chance’ but you can see like I did with Savio he just doesn’t have what it takes.

Tomkins. Yeah good old Tomkins, we knew he wasn’t prem material last season and still we know he isn’t prem material. What seriously worries me is that we actually haven’t sured up a defence that is basically the same as the squad that finished 17th last season. Upson still isn’t up for it and the only the cover they have is Reid, Tal or Gabbs FFS!

Parker where were you!? Cole did you find the ball mate? The amount of times caught trotting into the penalty area was ridiculous. Man of the Match for me was Kovac! Even he was shit but was there any shiners?

Piqu. Well at least he had two half arse shots unlike Cole! Barrera I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, it takes a while to go from Latin football to the fast pace of the Premier league but he was pooor as well.

In a nutshell we need:

TWO more strikers
– Didn’t think I’d say it but another TWO midfielders considering Behrami and Diamond are off you can see what we are like without them.
– TWO defenders that can play in one or two positions at the back!! Or we are going to leak goals yet again like last season.

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