Mid season strikers were a disaster waiting to happen.

– Mido overweight and shite but we knew that.
– Ilan scored very important goals but the rest of his game is shite.
– …and now Benni…..

West Ham are ready to take severe sanctions against fat boy Benni McCarthy.

The portly striker is preparing for the World Cup with host nation South Africa. But if he returns to Upton Park carrying excess pounds the club will take ­disciplinary action.

Co-owners David Sullivan and David Gold are fuming with the 32-year-old striker and intend to impose the maximum possible fine on him if he fails to address his weight problem.

McCarthy piled on the pounds and played just two-and-half games for the Hammers following his £2million move from Blackburn Rovers in January.

McCarthy failed to find the net as the Hammers battled for Premier League survival.

An Upton Park insider has revealed McCarthy’s body mass index (BMI) hit 24.2, a high level for an outfield player.

The West Ham source said: “McCarthy will be in deep trouble if he comes back to the club in the state he left.

“While Gianfranco Zola was here he took advantage of the situation. But David Sullivan and David Gold will intervene now the Italian has left.

“It is estimated that it has cost West Ham a total of £8.5million to sign McCarthy including the transfer fee to Blackburn and his wages.”

McCarthy is on £50,000 a week including image rights.

Sullivan, in particular, is unhappy after it was claimed that he was personally responsible for signing McCarthy.

Both Sullivan and Gold questioned the purchase of a striker whose fitness had been questioned by Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce. But Zola, the West Ham boss at the time, claimed it was vital for the club to sign McCarthy.

Zola believed McCarthy would deliver the goals to ensure West Ham stayed up.

Blackburn boss Allardyce slammed McCarthy in the countdown to his Ewood Park exit. The player was fined twice for failing to meet weight targets.

Allardyce ordered McCarthy to report at 7am for extra training sessions. McCarthy refused and that proved to be the breaking point for the South African international.

McCarthy said at the time: “That’s the last straw. Enough is enough. I feel I’ve been stepped on too much and it’s best that I go.”

Sullivan and Gold refused to intervene when it became clear that McCarthy’s weight was a problem.

They did not interfere even when it became clear McCarthy’s weight had become an issue. They urged the backroom staff to put him on a diet and impose club fines if he failed to meet the targets.

McCarthy was unavailable for comment.

I wonder who exactly sanctioned these signings?

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