Collison out for another 9mths

Will he ever be the same player?

Jack Collison will be out for up to nine months after undergoing an operation on his knee.

The midfield player has not played for West Ham United since he aggravated the injury playing for Wales two months ago. Collison burst into the team last season, but his campaign has been disrupted by injuries and the death of his father.

“He had an operation the other day and they told me is going to be out for nine months,” Gianfranco Zola, the manager, said. “I know he is a strong fellow and I am sure he will be quicker than that. I wish him a quick recovery.”

West Ham will also be missing Valon Behrami, the midfield player who has a knee injury, against Manchester City on Sunday.

Zola’s future could be resolved next week when he meets with the joint-chairmen. “I was expecting much more from this season,” Zola said. “I am not pleased. I am not going to give any excuses.

“But I have to add that the circumstances and the environment have not been easy and people should remember that when they judge the season. I am the manager. I am not trying to justify anything, just telling the truth.

“I look at the job I have done and I say, yes, I should have done better. I don’t take defeats very well but it will make me stronger.

“What I feel right now doesn’t matter. I am a professional person. I am paid by the club to do a job and I try to do it as best I can. I look into myself and the rest we will talk about after the last match.”

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