Sullivan backtracking?

West Ham co-owner David Sullivan has told Soccernet that there are no plans to clear out the squad this summer.

Following the announcement that Scott Parker was the only player unavailable at any price, it has been widely assumed that all the rest are up for sale, including Carlton Cole, Matthew Upson and Robert Green.

However, Sullivan, tired of the misinformation surrounding the club, has now clarified the their position.

He told Soccernet: “We will only sell players if we get an exceptional price for them. No players will be ‘off-loaded’ to get them of the wage bill. There will be nothing ruthless about the changes. Decisions will be made in line with sensible and logical business motives.

“I have a very good track record in buying and selling players. However, having finished in a lower than predicted league position, it is vital that some new signings are made.

“We have a very unbalanced squad and we need to rectify that – for example, we only one recognised goalkeeper.”

Sullivan was also frustrated about a recent story that suggested he was imposing a salary cap because the Premier League couldn’t do it across the board.

While he has warned that top-flight clubs do need to bring salaries under control, Sullivan is furious at the suggestion that incoming players would not be paid more than £25,000 a week.

“There is no wage cap for any individual player,” he said. “We will pay what it takes to get players we want. It’s madness to suggest that there will be a £20k to £25k wage cap at West Ham United.

“However, some sanity has to come into the wages Premier League clubs pay or some of them will go bust.”

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