Championship fan glad we are safe

As a fan who supports a northern team (Barnsley) but who lives in London, I spend far too much of my time willing local sides either to gain promotion from League One (come on you Lions, Addicks!), not be relegated or promoted from the Championship (yay Watford! Go on Palace!), or else to fall downward out of the Premier League.

Because of this, for a time I was naturally most disappointed when at the weekend West Ham somehow avoided the drop from ‘the best league in the world.’ Trust me, from Camden Town it’s a lot easier to get to the Boleyn Ground than it is to Turf Moor, even with the Metropolitan Line suspended.

But half a week is a long time in football, and now I’m rather pleased that the Irons are staying where they are, a small fish in a very big lake rather than a big one in a medium sized pond.

Why? Because West Ham United’s new owners seem intent on making their new club a laughing stock, an embarrassment. It seems that both Mr David Gold or Mr David Sullivan are incapable of going a week without saying something to the media, anything, no matter how off the cuff or hair-brained it happens to be.
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This week the announcement was that every player at the club is for sale, except Scott Parker. Why? No doubt ‘cos Scott Parker scored a sweet goal at the weekend. If he has two bad games before the end of the season they’ll probably hire a town crier to stand in the middle of Green Street to tell the world he’s not worth a pound of jellied eels. They’re from the East End, you know, these two, and they know all about that kind of thing.

If they’re carrying on like this in the Premier League, can you imagine what Gold and Sullivan would be like in the Championship? “These stadiums aren’t very nice, these ticket prices are a bit low, these fans aren’t very rich, these pitches aren’t very green, this Football League Show’s on a bit late, these play-offs are a bit of a lottery, all these clubs seem a bit keen to beat us, we’ll never fill the ‘limpic stadium at this rate, our club won the World Cup once, we were born in the East End you know?”

[Pause for breath]

“These director’s boxes are a bit sma…”

Jesus, please, can anybody shut these two up?

The answer is probably not, not with football being a 24-hour news operation where people spouting nonsensical crap are deemed worthy of good copy.

But at least for the next 12 months, these two clowns won’t be farting through their teeth on Championship time.

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