Tevez still loves us

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has revealed that he still harbours dreams of a return to West Ham United making clear that he is indebted to the East End club and its fans for the support he received during his solitary season at Upton Park.

The diminutive Argentine international joined West Ham United alongside compatriot Javier Mascherano in the summer of 2007 and was instrumental in saving the club from relegation when he notched a vital last game of the season winner against Manchester United. The striker ended up moving to Old Trafford within months, spending two years as a Red Devil, before making his latest move to Manchester City.

Speaking ahead of his fourth Manchester City / Manchester United fixture of the season, Tevez reflected on the prospect of playing West Ham United on the final day of the season knowing that his former club could be relegated should City prove victorious on the day.

“It is unthinkable that I will score a goal that will send West Ham to relegation.

“Their supporters feel football; they are passionate, these people invested great support in me. I wish to play again for West Ham before I finish my career. I have some unfinished business there. To score such a goal against them would change my history with them.

“When the game comes, I hope City have already secured fourth place and West Ham are safe. That is the best I hope for.”

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