The run in

The time has come.

3 teams in it, 2 must go down…..

WEST HAM UNITED——– Hull City———— Burnley

Everton (A)                                   Burnley (H)                 Hull (A)

Sunderland (H)                            Birmingham (A)        Sunderland (A)

Liverpool (A)                               Aston Villa (H)           Liverpool (H)

Wigan (H)                                       Sunderland (H)         Birmingham (A)

Fulham (A)                                    Wigan (A)                    Lillyshites (H)

Man City (H)                                 Liverpool (H)

Burnley look doomed to me so I’m going to stick my neck out and say they are no threat to us BUT Hull City have got a great chance to stay up in my opinion.

They have one more home game then us (and are quite strong at home unlike us), an easier run in, on same points plus after tomorrow a game in hand on us.

It really isn’t looking good, the way we are playing right now I can only see us getting points against Wigan, Sunderland and Fulham. Our goal difference might be the only thing that saves our arse come the last game.

Better hope Liverpool need to get something out of their last game because Man City are going to murder us with two ex players up front.

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