Glad we turned the Paddy down

So in the end Keane picked Celtic, Yes it’s a ‘top’ sweatie club, yes he wouldn’t come to us because we are down near the bottom, yes we are the ‘enemy’ BUT what I cant understand is how comes he would of cost us 104k a week and yet he went to Celtic for 65k.

Go figure…..

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2 thoughts on “Glad we turned the Paddy down

  1. Could it be anything to do with everyone’s least favourite ex-hammer (clue: used to be Ince)?

    Step forward – Hairy Redknob

  2. Robbie again on the move,obviously money we could not afford to pay him at Wolves where he started his career, also surprising that Mick Mccarthy has not signed him, along with duff and another Celtic player probably the only worthwhile irish players MM has not signed.because Mick Mccarthy for virtually all of his time at Wolves only ever could buy irish players and the poorer ones to boot, Robbie said he loves Wolves, it seems he loves every club he is joining or am I be too cynical, mind you Wolves Fans would probably not welcome him back at all now after signing for an ex WBA boss,I wonder

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